Update 1.4.1

in this update dodging beats included updated features such as drag Apple from any point on screen to move and click bomb icon to blast enemies away. It also has menus and how to play text optimized for better experience understanding.

I do want to add in more songs and considering upgrades features and Maybe change up the art but I do like the way it is already.

If anyone out there likes this game and has some ideas for it, I’d love to see what I can do with it. Cheers!


Dodging beats Update 1.4

After testing and gathering some user feedback I went ahead and adjusted the order of songs to go from easiest to hardest. Also created a new icon for the game. Menu Layout has been adjusted as well with a play button included once you select a song, instead of double tapping a button you can also click the play button once a song is selected. Also implemented red blink to better recognize when you have been hit in game.

Features that I wanted to implement will have to be included in the next version of the game, ideas I have are updates such as upgrades (hp, luck, length of timer, bomb blast size, etc), different characters with different powers, click bomb gui for bomb blast, drag anywhere to move apple at finger speed, and redesigning all artwork.

App Icon for Dodging Beats
Dodging Beats Icon

The Redesign

Coming soon! I am going to redesign dropping Beats with More features including upgrades, artwork, menus and GUI.
i got a lot of feedback on how to improve dropping Beats and I also thought up some cool ideas myself. Been on vacation lately but I am back on it already.
Also!! Planning on adding Android Support In the next update .

Play for free on newgrounds or here while it’s up 🙂


Dodging Beats

Now available on the App Store.

Download for iOS / iPadOS here :

Download for MacOS here :

Can you dodge the beats? They come at you from all different directions. Finish all songs without getting eaten alive. Can you unlock all 23 achievements? Unlock all characters?

Video Preview Of Dodging Beats

Dodging Beats is a musical rhythm game. In this update: All songs are from artists at Rhythm turned into a game, enemies spawn to the beat of the music and you have to dodge them with powers. Illustrated Artwork from Programming by Jordan Kinsley. Original Idea by Jordan Kinsley and Lavalle Lee, this game was thought of 10 years ago and has been reimagined time and time again until it got its own website.

More ideas are coming. Please consider supporting for updated versions to be released sooner.